24Saturday 6pm-8pm

2nd Annual Bham FEAST / A Community Action Dinner

Host / bhamFEAST Venue / Birmingham Blueprint Building – Directions

How might we expand learning opportunities for school-age children in our community?​

During this farm-to-table dinner, attendees will hear presentations from finalists of a city-wide challenge that hopes to develop meaningful, grassroots answers to that question.  Presenters may be educators and non-educators, designers and non-designers, adults and students—anyone who may have an idea and the drive to help expand a child’s learning experience inside or outside of the classroom.

And you will do more than enjoy your meal at this dinner, because during Bham FEAST diners vote to democratically fund a project that uses design as a transformative tool to better their community. The winner will be awarded a grant of approximately $5000 at the end of the dinner to act on their concept.  Part of the grant comes from you in the purchase of your ticket and part it comes from DWB itself to support  non-traditional use of design within our community.

Join us for a  farm to table dinner catered by Will & Liz Doonan owners of Herron Hollow Farm.  Will and Liz do all the planting, growing, picking, washing and then cook all the fresh  vegetables for you.  Dinner will include fresh braised greens, yummy creamed turnips, sweet potatoes, and grilled pork tenderloin.

And the most delicious brownies by Baking Bandits for dessert!!! Good People beer to quench your thirst (two drink tickets included)

Part of the ticket price goes toward the winning proposal.

For more information visit www.bhamfeast.com

Doors open at 6:00. Presentations start promptly at 6:30.


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