19Monday 7pm-9pm

A New Classic - Fashion Exhibit

Host / Belladonna Magazine and Design Week BirminghamVenue / Birmingham Blueprint Building – Directions

Looking forward to a possible future in which Birmingham is a fashion pillar of the South, Maacah Davis invited fashion designers Jan King, Saige Pilgrim, Tyler Sanford, and Summer Crooks to design and display several avant-garde creations, for an exhibit which is a new vision for Birmingham’s fashion identity. With sources of inspiration like John Collier’s painting of the Oracle at Delphi; a larger-than-life sized pair of custom wings articulated by Kelsey Templeton; and dramatic floral accentuation by Savannah and Austin Santiago, this exhibit explores the romantic, natural, and gothic capacities of the Southern identity, and imagines them as: a New Classic.

Set design by Ali Ribe and Caitlin Lawson, assisted by Ginny Henry.

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