23Friday 2pm-4pm

Design and Dignity - Community conversations with the Urban Studio

Host / Auburn University Urban StudioVenue / Auburn University Urban Studio – Directions

The Auburn University Urban Studio is a one year program for Fifth year architecture students allowing them to: be embedded in the Birmingham community, study planning in a rich urban laboratory, and building design in an Urban context. During the Fall semester, the Students from the Urban Studio have been exploring the opportunities for new Urban housing models for Habitat. Looking at the site of Cascade Plunge, a historic venue in the Eastlake community, the students were challenged to take the 17acre site and create a new master plan and then explore a new Urban housing model, using the Habitat’s Mission statement and goals. Exploring the sense of ownership, pride, and empowerment, the students have tackled the difficult task of …… Design and Dignity. Come hear their thoughts and findings.

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