Natalie Chanin

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Natalie “Alabama” Chanin is the owner and designer of Alabama Chanin. She was born and raised in Florence, Alabama, where her company is based.

Chanin strives to achieve complete sustainability at every stage of the manufacturing process – from materials and processes, to cultural sustainability in the form of preserving hand-sewing skills. Over the years, Alabama Chanin has organically expanded, establishing a family of businesses that includes the Alabama Chanin collection, Studio Style DIY sewing kits, The Factory Store + Café, the A. Chanin machine-made line, and Building 14 Design + Manufacturing Services. All facets work together to create a collaborative community and idea exchange, healthy growth, and a love of quality goods that last. In 2013, Chanin won the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge, an award competition that identifies and celebrates the greatest American designers working in the realm of sustainable fashion. Chanin continues to learn and to teach craft traditions, or “living arts,” using them to bridge generational, economic, and cultural gaps.